Entry #84

Can't do art but still want to create a game?

2018-03-11 16:43:21 by Kenney

Programming is often easily learned using the many great resources available. Visual programming makes it easier than ever. Art however? Not so much. Many developers struggle with art in their games and can't find a solid base to work with.


That's why I've created 40,000+ art assets ranging from 2D sprites to 3D model packs. They're all public domain licensed which means they can be used by anyone for any type of project (personal, education, and commercial).

Check them out here!

Let me know if you've got requests for additional spites, models, audio files, or fonts.



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2018-03-11 17:56:35

some good stuff here, I'm glad I spotted this my art sucks but I love creating games

Kenney responds:



2018-03-11 19:39:23

im glad i spotted this because it is groovy


2018-03-13 08:28:07

Been checking in every once in a while for a while now, though have yet to make a game where I can use them. Commendable effort, though! And all free. :) Much appreciated.


2018-03-14 06:13:07

Solid work. Gonna test them out one of this days. Thanks!