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Cool 'lil video

Hehe, pretty nice video Hans. :) I liked it, music was fitting.

ps. Angry Beavers and Sex and the City.

The best.

I loved it, well, besides the explosion on the end.

Nope nope...

C.A.T 1 was better, the fact that it was so badly drawn made it funny. This is just a meh. Get back to making bad drawings, you were alot better at that (and I mean that in the most positive way). :)

High-off-cheese responds:

I know that C.A.T 1 made people laugh more but I don't like to draw bad. I don't want to be thought of as someone who can't animate. I tried again with C.A.T 2 but it didn't do as good. I never expected it to do as good. I just want to show that just because C.A.T 1 was crappy drawn, that I can do better than that.

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Was playing the game, noticed the explosions, they looked familiar.
Upon closer inspection... I drew them, hah! Thanks for using the assets.

Great game!

MikeSalyh responds:

Hey Kenney! I hope your Land is going well! Your explosion pack is awesome. It alone was worth the $20 contribution to your Kickstarter. Cheers, mate.

Just wanted to say thanks for using my graphics and font ;)

I've seen the game mechanic before but oh well, it's still addicting and it's working well. The music was a bit calm for my taste though, would've liked something energetic better. Especially because it's timed! Overall, good job.

Thanks for using my graphics! Quite a fun game, unlike others I've seen using the same graphics. The controls were a bit floaty though, that made jumping on ledges a bit harder especially at level 4. Overall pretty solid!

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Perfect remix!

It is truly awesome, I love it! Can't wait to release Slip 'n Slide Plus with this remix :)

Sounds good!

The song sounds great, however the bass/drum bothers me just a bit. Maybe put it's volume down or just change the sample. I really like the song though, indeed good for them jumping people.


Hey Smartpoetic, I'm the creator of Jack Russell, where I first used your music in. I used "Children's March" for it. Now is my question if you could like remix or mix that song into a new one so I can use it in Jack Russell 2, I'm sorry you didn't got much credit for your music, I will improve that in Jack Russell 2. I was trying to contact you but you don't seem to have an e-mail, I also asked Tom Fulp but he didn't knew your e-mail either. Please respond, oh and I will pay you if you want. ^_^

- Kenney (Altera)

SuperTonic64 responds:

Sorry that I took so long to respond!

Anyways, I would be glad to remix the song for you! ^_^ My email address is smartpoetic@hotmail.com if you need to contact me. :)

About pay: I do need money in order to buy equipment and programs to make my music better, but just email me, and we'll discuss that matter. :) Also, email me, and tell me what you would like the song to have or sound like!(it does help when writing :))

Thanks for your time! ^_^

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Thanks for including 'my' version of Pico, huge honor :) Great job!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

How fortunate Tom Fulp programmed to make something awesome for your game! *salutes*

Looking good!

And ofcourse, peeing without hands is always an epic win.

Check out upcoming projects and a whole lot of (free to use) game assets at my website!

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