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This is strange...

2007-07-17 18:39:13 by Kenney

At first glance the new audio portal has gone even worse than it was before. The audio portal is there to give developers and animators a good choice of music for their submissions without all the copyright hassle.

But how about the browsing hassle? When I'm making a game I'm looking for a style of music, not a genre. Let's say I have a menu with a hero showing...where would I look, techno? rock? Why isn't there just a style called "Orchestral". Wouldn't styles likes suspense, cheerful, horror and romantic make much more sense.

Why do I have to got to a new page every single fucking time I would like to listen to a piece of music that might be good for my game? What do I care for an animation playing in the beat of my music, I'm looking for music not entertainment.

The new audio portal sucks even more than the old, I'll stick to the risk of copyright violation. That's alot easier than browsing through the most graphical website on the net, after Gamespot that is.

The rest of the redesign all seems to work well and looks great. Seems like the audio portal is being left out of this whole redesign.

This is strange...


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2007-07-17 18:50:57

that's actually a good point. I really liked all the visual parts but I didn't think about how much of a hassle it would if I was in a hurry. And it does suck that there's so much to load on every page.


2007-07-17 20:16:35

Well, luckily the redesign is really new and they, atleast so they say, are working on making it faster all the time.


2007-07-24 19:11:38

just a heads up.. we didn't leave this part out. its being redone. just didn't make it in time for the redesign.

There will be an upgraded system, play your music in a mini player, as well as some other features. This mini player system is also getting integrated into the mod system, so we can delete copyrighted material quicker.

Also yes the audio portal is there for flashers to pick music for their submissions, but thats not the only reason. The musicians are artists too, and they have every right to have their music presented in the same Slick and stylish fashion as the Flash portal does.

So no, it isn't 100% completed, but when it came down to what was needed for the launch first, we figured we give the music artist, their moment in the sun, and let the flash developers click a few more pages to get free music for games they end up getting sponsored.

Kenney responds:

That's great to hear, I was a little shocked when I first saw the audio portal with the redesign. I'll be looking forward to future updates then :)


2007-10-09 12:49:22

It's still hard to find specific music =/
We have to find music by luck, clicking by random musics on several pages of Ambient, Eletronic...

I know that the most of the audio portal is not to provide flash developers some music, but if we have good projects and use music from the portal, the musician gets free exposure, good for both. So Newgrounds could give a hand on this.


2007-10-14 21:20:34

I like the audio portal as it is now :P


2007-10-19 08:40:50

Nothing is more true.


2007-10-21 11:35:28

ehh i dont even use the audio portal than again i dont make flash stuff at all so well anyways: retron = good... except...... uhh well the <3 thing, when u have 3 <3s if u get a <3 while u have 3 shouldnt it go up - not stay the same? see i dont think thats fair... cause i get like 1m <3s (not really more like 5...) but than i only have 3... stilllllll and than i go waaaa and i wanna well... hit my comp wif a hammer so i can see pretty sparks (like splapps fact of the day in impossible quiz 2 says) err yea btw u should thank him hes like uhh a genius and he put ur game on favorites... which is why i ended up playing ur game at all


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