Help support our point 'n click adventure game (free!)

2012-09-15 12:25:00 by Kenney

Our point 'n click adventure game, The Night's Willow, is nearing completion :) The game features over 40 scenes, a professionally narrated story, 20 items to collect and even 20 bonus bugs to find (the insect type, not the programming type...).

The game will be available free to play here on NG on October 1st. A mobile (Android) version will come later on, which will also be free.

We need your support though, not by donations, but by likes. Simply like our Facebook page! You wil get some exclusive content AND will be able to play the beta version very early on. We really appreciate your support! <3

Support us, Like our Facebook page!

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Help support our point 'n click adventure game (free!)


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