Download Trid for Android/iOS/BlackBerry

2013-01-15 13:13:35 by Kenney

For free!

Play Trid right here on Newgrounds: Trid PC

Or download to your mobile device: Download


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2013-01-15 13:57:18

Reminds me of those puzzles those psychiatrists always had me take.
I almost forgot to ask.
How'd you get ads in the android/ios version?

Kenney responds:

Through AIR Native Extensions.


2013-01-15 20:49:32

Already got it.

Kenney responds:

Yeah, I don't like making multiple posts about the same subject but hey, downloads haven't been flying off the shelf.


2013-01-16 12:27:10

Hmm, I can see where it would be a good tablet game, but I've never found speed related mouse clicking to be fun. Maybe that's why it's not doing as well as you like?

I might actually get it if I had a tablet. :3

Kenney responds:

Yeah, the PC version is certainly not as fun as the mobile one. Maybe that's a reason, I just overlooked the largest problem of app development; getting noticed.