Erwt means pea in Dutch.

2013-01-28 11:40:37 by Kenney

And Ert, which is erwt but spelled wrong is the name of my new game currently in development. Ert is a virtual pet pea for your mobile phone (iOS and Android) which you have to take care for. If you would like to keep up-to-date with development and even give your opinion here and there then visit my Facebook page.

I'd really appreciate it :)

Erwt means pea in Dutch.


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2013-01-28 12:55:25

I thought it stood for

Kenney responds:

No it's just pea, which is far less exciting than engaging real trapezoids.


2013-01-28 14:45:10

Definitely looking forward to it. *Imagine obligatory 'Shut up and take my money' meme pic here*

Kenney responds:

Good to hear :) The app will be free though, in-app purchases but that's obviously not mandatory to buy.


2013-01-28 15:20:18

Looks interesting. I'm dutch myself, but I'll type this out in english, to be kind to all of the NG'ers.

I've seen some kinda app that looks the same though., called Pou. Could you explain the big difference between Pou and Ert? I haven't bought Pou yet, but if Ert sounds much better, I'll probably download that instead. Well, I'll probably download it anyways, since it's from NG and I feel obliged to support fellow NG'ers. Silly, isn't it?

Well, enough chit-chat, off to work now, make something good out of it, I'm having high hopes for this.

Kenney responds:

I'm keeping a close eye on Pou but there are many times where it just falls flat. The worst of which is that you get the exact same experience while playing, no matter for how long you've been playing.

Ert will feature a town where you can buy goods (stores stock different goods every day, like in Animal Crossing), minigames with unlockable features and cool gadgets like being able to talk to your Ert and meeting other Erts through NFC.

Thanks for your feedback!


2013-01-28 19:32:09

Let's cut the crap and ask the real questions : can we kill it and if so, in how many different ways?!

Kenney responds:

Hah, I'm well aware most of NG isn't the target audience for this. So no, no ways to kill. Yet.


2013-01-29 02:20:11

A game about pee? Ewwww.



2013-01-30 04:51:57

Can you brief us a bit about what to expect in the gameplay? Will it be action-based or time-based? Meaning will it function like a Tamagotchi or Digimon and I have to check it to see if it needs to pee or eat and feed it, or will it be like a turn-based sim game where you can click "Next day" to progress on?