Why I hate Pico Day

2013-04-05 17:46:40 by Kenney

I don't.

I will be doing a Pico's School game for Pico Day though, it's going to be a remake with improved graphics, audio and programming (the original being made in Flash 3 with had virtually no coding at all, Tom was a pioneer here) while still staying true to the original.

Asked for music before but it's not needed anymore; ZStriefel sent me a track I absolutely love. If you still want to download the base WAV and MIDI file for your own Pico project, go ahead;

Download WAV + MID

PS. Frontiers is still in development, I'm doing Frontiers for the company I work at and Pico's School remake is a project I'm doing for myself.

PPS. Screenshot below is nowhere near finished.

Why I hate Pico Day


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2013-04-05 18:04:37

Aight, this will be fun ;)

Kenney responds:



2013-04-05 18:11:15

no the teacher is explaining about fruits as far as i remember
also nice picture

Kenney responds:

Yep that's right, birds and bees is just an expression ;)


2013-04-05 18:14:43

I approve this game

Kenney responds:

Good, now development can go on.

or get started.


2013-04-05 18:40:38

Rip the music from hive.

And I am glad I am not the only one remaking pico this year (but its in a street not a school) cool.

Kenney responds:

Yep, will get some tunes from Hive but not all.


2013-04-05 19:26:33

When do you want this by?

Kenney responds:

ZStriefel sent me a theme I think is perfect, so it isn't needed anymore - thanks for considering though!


2013-04-05 19:42:06

Please don't use Stage3D. It's crap.

(Updated ) Kenney responds:

...well, no I've never used it and probably never will. It limits the maximum exposure a game can get around the web, since many game portals don't have Stage3D activated.


2013-04-06 01:07:38

Pico's School: Reunion Edition

Kenney responds:

Hah, well I want to start off with a remake for the game. Both for nostalgic reasons and to introduce new players to the Pico series. After that there might be actual new games, I always thought some sort of day trip would suit Pico well.


2013-04-06 07:41:24

only tom is allowed to do pico 2

Kenney responds:

Won't be Pico 2 though.


2013-04-06 09:39:39

Any new additions to the game, like secret rooms and weapons, or just the same game with different graphics?
Either way, I can't wait to play it :)

Kenney responds:

Not sure yet, want to stick close to the original but hey, I might push in something extra here or there.


2013-04-06 10:53:16

What with the recent news, I reckon Pico to be a controversial piece. Not that Pico was ever really low profile. All the more reason to do it I suppose, to my knowledge Newgrounds was never really about pussing out and not doing things because they might be too violent or too soon.

Kenney responds:

Nah, I've been doing pretty controversial things myself with the pope kidnapping children and a game where you play as different dictators shooting rebels. I think Pico will go down fine, especially here.


2013-04-06 13:07:22

I like how you use misleading titles to get views like those whores on Youtube.

Kenney responds:

Good, then I will continue


2013-04-06 15:23:18

Looks great already, so bright and bloody at the same time. I hear pox is holding a 'be friendly and optimistic for a month' challenge btw, maybe that'd get ya off these misleadingly hateful titles for a while? :P

Kenney responds:



2013-04-06 18:01:07

>See header for this "Why I hate pico day"
>Click on it thinking it's going to make me enraged and confused
>See screenshot

Kenney responds:

I've much improved since the screenshot above though, just wait and see.


2013-04-07 06:26:34

In case this turns out a success, will you consider making a new one with your own script/plot?

Kenney responds:

Yep, I was going to make a new one at first but I thought it'd be better to get a feel for the series by remaking the original. So yeah, definitely planned - maybe something yearly, every Pico day?


2013-04-07 11:33:52

Now this is quite frankly amazing, and shows how much we improved in just a handful of years... I'm a VFX artist, 3D designer and animator if you need help...


2013-04-08 17:38:41

Gonna be fun to play this! Now if you could export as HTML5 for phones......!

(Updated ) Kenney responds:

I was gonna contact you about mobile versions, I want to release it for phones but as a native (well native, AIR) app. I've released a game before for Android, iOS and BlackBerry and that went really well.