Pico 1.5 and Newgrounds Kart

2013-05-07 09:09:48 by Kenney

Pico's School DX won Pico Day 2013 in the game section, GREAT news! As a celebration I will do a second patch later on which will add the last remaining features (punk guy pees his pants, you can flush the urinals clean).

In other news I slooooowly started Pico's History Class (also known as Pico 1.5, not Pico 2) which will be my all original Pico game. I will be integrating features that were meant to be in Tom Fulp's Pico 2 like the ability to switch between using/talking and shooting which you can see in the lower left part of the screenshot below.

In other, other news I'm doing Newgrounds Kart with MindChamber which will be pretty awesome. Full 3D with the ability to run fullscreen, which will make it look and feel like an actual game for once. I don't want to show you much just yet because it's very early on and there are no assets done yet so enjoy the tiny screenshot.

That's it for this week, please leave a comment!

Pico 1.5 and Newgrounds Kart


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2013-05-07 09:40:14

You produce so much great stuff. You are on my favourites list since "Jack Russell" and since then I have never been disappointed by your work. Thanks!

My mother likes to play the Armor Picross games and I only found out some days ago that you made those too.

Congrats on the Pico Day win! I am sure it was well deserved even though I didn't get to play it yet. :P

The kart game sounds very promising. Would be cool to play it with a controller.

Kenney responds:

Thanks man! You might be happy to hear that Jack Russell is coming to mobile, it's currently in production (I'm doing the graphics).

I did the graphics and concept for Armor Picross, glad your mom likes those! They're a big hit.


2013-05-07 10:23:33

How will you make the NG kart? Is there a 3D engine, hopefully not confusing, for Flash? Can't wait for both games!

Kenney responds:

Yeah, Flash 3D engine.


2013-05-07 10:27:11

I will be eagerly awaiting both. :D

Kenney responds:



2013-05-07 10:33:40

it will happen.
good luck.

Kenney responds:

Not Unity.


2013-05-07 11:06:17

This is better than just awesome lol. You are too good for the community :3 haha


2013-05-07 12:43:25

Newgrounds cart sounds amazing!


2013-05-07 12:50:32

Stage3d or ghetto flash 3d rendering? I know some people's comps still aren't supported (and they whine a lot). Looks fun either way.

Kenney responds:

Stage3D, people who have computers that don't support it can go to hell. This game is for cool people only!


2013-05-07 13:35:56

Good luck for NG kart, I sure hope there are not to many users with old tech that vote your project down! Oh, and congratz for the Pico Day win, of course.

Kenney responds:



2013-05-07 23:49:24

Both projects look worth my time to play - im going to follow you bro ... dont let me down :P

Kenney responds:

I won't, father.


2013-05-08 02:09:18

Very cool, I look forward to the Pico game. I'll give Newgrounds Kart a shot also even though I don't usually play racing games.

(Updated ) Kenney responds:

I think you're gonna like this one, it's very arcadey.


2013-05-08 03:46:17

Sounds like great things in the works! 3D driving games in Flash are few and far between, looking forward to this one!

(Updated ) Kenney responds:

Yeah, as MindChamber put it: "normally these 3D racing games work like shit but this is the first one that actually feels like a real game."

(that's not a quote)


2013-05-08 11:49:01

Hehe, words of wisdom. Only decent one I know of: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/576273

Kenney responds:

Ohh right I remember that one, pretty good yeah.


2013-05-09 09:44:07

Kenny - I won't, father.
Reply - You better not son or your grounded >: D


2013-05-09 18:14:14

Why not make an original character similar to Pico?

Kenney responds:

Because I think you're supposed to make something NG or Pico related for Pico Day?


2013-05-09 18:28:01

Oh, did I read that wrong, weren't you making a new game?

Kenney responds:

Yeah I was, for Pico Day 2014.


2013-05-09 21:26:54


Kenney responds:

Why? Because it'll take a while?


2013-05-10 17:35:23

No new game

Kenney responds:

There's a new Pico game coming for Pico Day 2014?


2013-05-10 21:08:17

Ye I know.
But I was expecting one sooner.

Kenney responds:

Oh right, well I'll be focusing on some original games so will be working on Pico very unregulated. That's why I set the date far, far away.


2013-05-10 21:21:12

cool, cool.


2013-05-11 21:33:23

A new Pico game? I would be so mad if it's just a pe***. I know you wont though so. :D If you don't mid me asking, is it going to pick up where the first game and yyours left off, or is it something different.

Kenney responds:

Hah, no, no joke - real game. It's going to pick up where the last one ended.


2013-05-14 11:43:39

Oh yeah, I also like that Picos School DX opened up a bunch of doors for you man, good luck in the future.

Also, since you're an AS2 guy.
with or tellTarget?


2013-05-22 01:23:06

Both of these games look really great, can't wait to play them when they come out.