The Silver Nugget Re-Release

2013-06-19 10:20:33 by Kenney

A couple of months ago YouTube decided to scrap their AS2 API which in turn made The Silver Nugget unplayable. The project is close to my heart so I decided to man up and reprogram the game in AS3. And guess what? It's playable right now!


Huge thanks to Tom Fulp who offered to host the video files (which didn't work out due to server issues) at first. As a thank you to Newgrounds I've added medals and NG highscores. So get shootin'!

Other news...

Haven't had time to work on Pico's History Class, but the deadline is Pico Day 2014 so I think I'm alright. Right now I'm putting most of my free time into a point 'n click adventure engine which will power multiple games. It's in the style of classic LucasArts games and is shaping up really well. There's items to pick up, scene changes, actors, conversations, animated scripts, pathfinding and everything else you come to expect from a decent adventure game - more on that next week!

The Silver Nugget Re-Release


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2013-06-20 11:03:05

Wow, it's runs so fluid now, way better than before! Still the best looking free FMV game out there, because it's actually Full Motion Video. Never noticed the german subtitles, pretty nice to have them :)
I'm anxious to your next work. Another Pico game from you sounds damn good.

Well Thank you and Tom for keeping The Silver Nugget running, also thanks for the medals.