Over 5,000 graphics to create games with

2014-05-09 14:11:15 by Kenney

Great at programming but don't have the time or talent to create the graphical side? Don't want to collabrate with one of those snobby designers? Let me help you out!

I've made a package which includes over 5,000 graphical elements to create a wide arrange of games with. From RPG to platformer to Flappy Bird to an isometric Sim City-like game.


All you have to do is either donate $1 USD or more (hey come on now, that's not much!) or tweet about it. You'll receive the full package and since it's licensed CC Zero (CC0) you may use these assets in personal and commercial projects - woah!

That's not all though, the package also includes over 250 sound effects and 10 full fonts...also licensed CC0!


That's still not all though, if you donate once you'll receive all updates for free. Since the launch of the package 3 months ago I've already added over 1,000 new assets.

Click here to donate and get the package!


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2014-05-09 14:44:54

That's a great way to help aspiring developers, thank you very much :) Purchased your assets in a flash. I'll make sure to spread the word around, and if you could please do the same for my channel since I'm a composer and I also offer non-exclusive audio assets, that would be much appreciated indeed! Many thanks again


2014-05-09 20:58:48

Thanks a lot for such a great collection of assets. I don't know if I will ever use the graphics assets (not really my style), but the sound collection, and UI assets are a a for sure.


2014-05-10 03:32:27



2014-05-11 01:39:50

Thanks! Very selfless!


2014-05-13 05:19:44

Hey Kenney ^^
Did you hear, the chat went down? Turns out that due to a security hole and the lack of the developer who made the original chat, it's been deleted. Now's the time to propose that NG Chat+ that you've been making :D

Kenney responds:

Hey, I've heard. But I'm currently really busy with my company which is expanding rapidly, I don't have time to integrate it into Newgrounds - not for free at least.


2014-05-17 20:21:35

Congrats on your company expanding rapidly, and good luck! You're selfless as is, what with giving away so much ^^